Apr. 20th, 2009

Brain Talk

Apr. 20th, 2009 07:45 pm
kriskenshin: Star Trek WTF!! (Ed GIVIN' YOU A BITCH SLAPIN animated)

Roy: Fullmetal, I’m going home. *gets up from his chair*

Ed: I hate you and am never gonna talk to you again. *crosses his arms, slumps down in his chair and pouts about being stuck filling out paperwork before grabbing a skittle and hitting Roy smack in the middle of his forehead*

Roy: Now that’s not nice at all. You are my subordinate and you have to behave accordingly weather you want to or not! *picks up one of his own skittles off his desk and throws it back at Ed*

Ed: *get the skittle in the eye, yells and flails in a ridiculous and entirely overdramatic way before retaliating by grabbing a hand full and throwing it at Roy’s head* HA! YOU BASTARD!!

Roy: *skittles bounce off his face as he stands perfectly still glaring at Ed* You asked for it! *grabs Two hands full of skittles and throws them as hard as he can because he knows Ed’s head is hard as a rock*

Ed: *gets pelted harshly but is not affected… because his head is hard as a rock.* YOU ARE GONNA PAY FOR THAT!!! *transmutes a potato gun out of the floor and shoots economy sized skittle bags, pre-opened and ready for spillage EVERYWHERE, at Roy* MUAHAHAHAHA >:D

Roy: *eyes widen… only slightly cause they don’t get very big* Wow! *pulls out a big bag from nowhere, holds it out, and tries to see how many he can catch while avoiding getting hit. Then grabs a bb gun (also out of nowhere) and shoots like a sniper with the skittles as bullets* Ohh yeah, I used the skittles you shot at me! Man I be shootin you with your own amo! MUAHAHAHAHA! XD

Ed: HAHAHAHA *takes a couple painful hits before scooping up the fired rounds and putting them in a air rifle aiming for Roy’s ‘party favors’ and firing*

Roy: *smoothly dodges each shot but is no longer amused* No one messes with MY ‘PARTY FAVORS’!!! *seizes the potato gun from Ed, fills it to the brim with the skittles, fires strait at Ed and snaps his fingers at the same instant*

Ed: OH SHIT!!!! O.O!!!! SKITTLE-NAPALM!!! *is BBQ*

Roy: *chuckles because he is victorious* heh heh heh :D



*notices the office is on fire* … damn >.<


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