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Apr. 20th, 2009 07:45 pm
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Roy: Fullmetal, I’m going home. *gets up from his chair*

Ed: I hate you and am never gonna talk to you again. *crosses his arms, slumps down in his chair and pouts about being stuck filling out paperwork before grabbing a skittle and hitting Roy smack in the middle of his forehead*

Roy: Now that’s not nice at all. You are my subordinate and you have to behave accordingly weather you want to or not! *picks up one of his own skittles off his desk and throws it back at Ed*

Ed: *get the skittle in the eye, yells and flails in a ridiculous and entirely overdramatic way before retaliating by grabbing a hand full and throwing it at Roy’s head* HA! YOU BASTARD!!

Roy: *skittles bounce off his face as he stands perfectly still glaring at Ed* You asked for it! *grabs Two hands full of skittles and throws them as hard as he can because he knows Ed’s head is hard as a rock*

Ed: *gets pelted harshly but is not affected… because his head is hard as a rock.* YOU ARE GONNA PAY FOR THAT!!! *transmutes a potato gun out of the floor and shoots economy sized skittle bags, pre-opened and ready for spillage EVERYWHERE, at Roy* MUAHAHAHAHA >:D

Roy: *eyes widen… only slightly cause they don’t get very big* Wow! *pulls out a big bag from nowhere, holds it out, and tries to see how many he can catch while avoiding getting hit. Then grabs a bb gun (also out of nowhere) and shoots like a sniper with the skittles as bullets* Ohh yeah, I used the skittles you shot at me! Man I be shootin you with your own amo! MUAHAHAHAHA! XD

Ed: HAHAHAHA *takes a couple painful hits before scooping up the fired rounds and putting them in a air rifle aiming for Roy’s ‘party favors’ and firing*

Roy: *smoothly dodges each shot but is no longer amused* No one messes with MY ‘PARTY FAVORS’!!! *seizes the potato gun from Ed, fills it to the brim with the skittles, fires strait at Ed and snaps his fingers at the same instant*

Ed: OH SHIT!!!! O.O!!!! SKITTLE-NAPALM!!! *is BBQ*

Roy: *chuckles because he is victorious* heh heh heh :D



*notices the office is on fire* … damn >.<

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You remember that time when we stayed awake all night at that park on the swings and talking for hours? We came up with some crazy ideas that night. Well until that swarm attacked us and we were forced to jump in the river to get away. But you still got that one fairy stuck in your through that had managed to climb its way up your nostril. You were freaking out so bad and I laughed my ass off. GAWD that was great! XD What did you say it tasted like? Dirt? Yeah I think that’s what you said. I also had a recording device on me at the time and had my secretary put it on paper:

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Please :D

Oct. 9th, 2008 08:43 pm
kriskenshin: Star Trek WTF!! (Ed is not a HOBBIT)
Ed:Are you talking about Al? Because I have no Idea what you would call that. Sleep, meditation, or just maybe he turns off. I couldn’t say. I shouldn’t say this, but it freaks me out when I see him like that and all the sudden he turns on his eyes. I get a chill. They are like red demon eyes. *shiver* and if he’s not turned “off” he’s up reading or wandering around at all hours of the morning. Don’t get me wrong I would die for my brother… and have, but sometimes he’s just plain creepy. So what I’m saying is could you please keep him at your place because I keep thinking he’s watching me and I haven’t been able to sleep for DAYS!! PLEASE!!!! I know you will get along Al likes EVERYONE! *puppy eyes* You could keep him in the hall closet if you wanted. I don’t think he would mind.
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Luff – A Fullmetal Alchemist Fan Fiction
Pairing: Roy x Ed, Yaoi, Fluff, Drabble
Rating: PG
Author: KrisKenshin
Disclaimer: I do NOT own, in any way, Fullmetal Alchemist! If I did we would still be watching new episodes, which would have ultimately ended up with Roy and Ed getting together in an overpoweringly FLUFFY way!
WARNING: If you don’t like Yaoi (or also known as Gay relations, implied or sexually explicit, both of which may be included here, or may not, I haven’t decided yet) you should immediately press the BACK button and remove yourself from the situation that you are about to involve your retinas in, which of course could cause slight irritation and possible burning in some cases.
Note: Italics = Roy’s Thoughts.


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