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ok, so probably not XDD but I made some anyways :P

for the new Ep!!!! \\\o/// FMA!!!! <333

Possible spoilers... not really tho
Icons HERE \o/ )

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^----Blysse came up with these 2 lines XDDD <333

^----Neko gave me the idea for this one XDD <333

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...and lacking in reason Yet Again! \o/


icon spam HERE )
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Sorry it took me so long ^__^` hope they are ok :D


ok now I HAVE to do some FMA icons cause that was just ...weird XDDDDD

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Yeah so Greed an I had a fight, we are not talking to each other for a while. Were gonna take a break from each other. He was being an ass and I just don't put up with crap like that so I told him to take Ed and go home.

Anyways this is a fanart dedicated to greedy_lover because there just isn't any O!Greed/Ed out there. I've looked. Bastards. Anywhooo! Please enjoy!

(click HERE)

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please credit, thank you! XD
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Ok this will be the last of the icons I will be doing for a while… *has icon burn out* If I forgot anything please tell me!!! XD





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If you requested an icon and it is not below, it is because I lost the paper I was writing them down on.
SO if it is not here please let me know...
also if you want anything changed on your icons just ask and you shall have it. I am extremely Bored right now so this is a good time. XD


Some people got icons because "I felt like it". Enjoy!!! XD

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Personalized Gift Icons for:

If I skipped anyone on accident please let me know. I also would love to take requests. XD my engrish so not good tonight. gah!
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Nov. 28th, 2008 11:33 am
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wow, I feel so alone.... I'm sooooo freakin Bored!!! Bored bored bored... *cry*

made some icons in my boredom, please feel free to filch the fuck out of them...


Located here )
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I swear there is something wrong with me...

you can use these if you want...I made them...


couldn't tell you how to get them off of here but hey whatever. :D

... Just kidding I figured it out, 'right click' on them and select 'properties' and 'copy' the url and 'paste' to load.

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Right this way )

credit mayracs...blar blar blar...enjoy
......what the fuck am I awake for?

kriskenshin: Star Trek WTF!! (Roy SLICK FINGERS KrisKenshin)
blah blah blah... credit (mayracs) ... wish I had more slots for these ... *sadness*

click this spot, yes this one )


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