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This is for Krunk!!! \o/ cause she is awsome and wrote me pr0nz and she is just awesome!!!!!! I'm soooooooooooooo sorry it took so long. j_j

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kriskenshin: Star Trek WTF!! (Random READING CRAZY THIS IS CRAZY)
Wishing Krunk, Blysse, Cheryl and enveryone else a wonderful Sunday.

What Roy did after everyone left chat last night:

Roy saunters into the sexing room littered with plush pillows of every color
Roy is naked
Roy flops down into a pile of green, red, yellow, and blue, much of which is covered in elaborate patterns snaking in gold and silver across their surfaces
Roy thinks about ruling the world
Roy is still naked
Roy cackles madly as he thinks about holding the world in his palms
Roy thinks about a tiny Ed and a tiny Havoc standing on the world he holds in his palms
Roy thinks about how the tiny Ed and tiny Havoc are also naked
Roy grins because he sees they have tiny boners
Roy gets his own boner
Roy no longer thinks of tiny Ed and tiny Havoc
Roy thinks about normal sized Ed and normal sized Havoc
Roy grins because Ed is not normal sized
Roy thinks about Ed’s hand on his aching cock
Roy moans
Roy wraps his hand around his dripping erection
Roy imagines Havoc licking his left nipple
Roy licks his lips
Roy pulls slowly up and down on his shaft
Roy is imagining Ed’s mouth doing this
Roy shudders
Roy imagines Havoc licking his right nipple
Roy thinks about eating Italian food, from that nice restaurant down the street, you know the one, with the valet parking? …Yeah that’s the one.
Roy imagines Havoc trying to swallow his tongue
Roy imagines trying very hard to help Havoc swallow his tongue
Roy imagines Ed’s head bobbing up and down in his crotch
Roy humps into his hand
Roy imagines Havoc fucking his own hand just so Roy can enjoy watching him fuck his own hand
Roy begins to pant
Roy imagines Ed taking him deeper with every bob of his head
Roy pumps his cock faster
Roy thinks about how much Havoc seems to be enjoying his hand
Roy arches his back humping harder
Roy imagines Havoc cumming
Roy imagines Havoc’s cum flying across the room, glistening in the coming dawns light, as it sail in slow motion and lands with a splat on the wall behind him
Roy imagines Ed taking him deep into his throat and swallowing around him
Roy imagines spooging in Ed’s mouth
Roy spooges in his hand

Have a great Beginning of yet another week Everyone!!! XDDD


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