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What's that? - A Full metal Alchemist Fan Fiction Drabble
Note: Meme drabble thingy for vexed_wench ( I drabble the way *I* wanna drabble :P ) :D
Author: KrisKenshin
Pairing: Kain Ed, Gag, Drabble, Crack
Disclaimer: Don't own it. Sheesh quit asking.

Ed: *pops up from nowhere behind Kain* What’s that?

Kain: *jumps* Whah!?

Ed: *looks out of the corner of his eye at Kain* That. *points*

Kain: *jumps quickly to get in front of Ed* nu-nu- nothing! *blush takes control of his entire head *

Ed: *raises eyebrow and pushes past Kain* Doesn’t look like nothing to me. *frown*

Kain: *gulps and slowly steps away from Ed* … *looks scared shitless*

Ed: *looks down slowly and back up to Kain… and down and up… and down and back* …*quietly grumbles* Kain?

Kain: *stops breathing and freezes in place*

Ed: *slowly turns to face Kain fully and glares* Explain yourself. *clenching and unclenching his fists*

Kain: *turns slightly blue from not breathing*

Ed: * flash of fangs and barks* Kain!

Kain: *flinches and gasps, color flooding back to his head* It’s … well… it was a gift.

Ed: *face contorts between disgust, confusion, horror… and was that… pleased?*

Kain: *really fucking worried look on his face*

Ed: *expression settles…*

Kain: *gulps*

Ed: *turns away from Kain and climbs on*

Kain: *shocked* Your gonna do it NOW!?!

Ed: *grinning* Sure why not?

Kain: *still shocked*

Ed: *pushes the button and grins like a loon*

Kain: *watches as Ed rides the Mechanical Bull that Roy gave him for his birthday*





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